Dexterity is the value of the players ability to withstand enemy attacks with his/her armor. The higher the dexterity, the more hits their armor can take. The Guardians Gaea, Poseidon, Hermes, and Bacchus all raise Dexterity.


Damaged Items

Weapons and Armors at 2 Durability or lower.

Helmets, Body Armor, Shields, and Weapons all have durability. An armor's durability lowers with each hit taken, and Weapon's durability lowers with each hit given. When a weapon or armors durability reaches 2, an Icon will aprear, indicating that the item is about to break. When a weapon or armor's durability reaches 0, the item breaks and cannot be retrieved. Weapons and armor can be repaired by the town's blacksmith before the item's durability reaches 0.

The Blacksmith can repair armor and weapons.

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