Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring (エアガイツ Eagaitsu, German: lit. "Ambition") is a fighting game developed by Dream Factory. The game was published by Namco for arcade on February 1998 and by Square for PlayStation on December 1998. The PlayStation version was released in North America in 1999 and in Europe in 2000.

In Japan the PlayStation version was re-released as part of the Square Millennium Collection in 2000, as part of the PSone Books budget range in 2002, and for PlayStation Network in 2008.


50 years ago, a mysterious weapon constructed from an unknown material was discovered in the remains of an ancient German castle.

The weapon came to be known as Ehrgeiz. It was presented to the winner of a tournament that determined the world's greatest fighter. In time, it became the name and symbol of the Ehrgeiz Championship Tournament.

In the Middle East, under the command of a particular organization, an excavation site was constructed to explore the ancient ruins believed to hold the secret of immortality. However, the key to the final door of the ruins could not be found. Now a legend has surfaced among the people, hinting that the mysterious stone embedded within Ehrgeiz may be the key to this door.

The ambitious, hoping to finally unveil the mystery of the ancient ruins, are now set on obtaining Ehrgeiz in the championship tournament.

Anticipation rises as the aircraft informing the public about The Ehrgeiz Championship Tournament flies around the world. The exhilaration of the participants slowly begins to pulse through the air.


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Main artcile: Brand New Quest

Brand New Quest is a RPG mode where the player controls Koji Masuda and Clair Andrews and explore a dungeon.

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